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Case Results

Please note that each case is unique and past results cannot serve as a guarantee that any specific outcome will be achieved in any other case.

Client Injured in Auto Accident Receives Over $49,000 in His Pocket After Jury Verdict in Montgomery County

Client K.M. was driving home when a car made an illegal left turn right in front of him. K.M.'s car violently collided with the other vehicle at about 40 miles per hour. Both cars suffered extensive damage and were totaled. The police officer who investigated the crash found the other driver wholly at fault for causing the wreck. During the crash K.M. hit both knees on the dashboard. He was transported from the crash on a stretcher to the ER. Over the next year and a half K.M. had several visits with an orthopedic specialist. He went to physical therapy and after 2 sets of MRI's he was diagnosed with a torn menis. He had fluid drained and received painful shots in his knees and was told he would eventually need knee surgery. K.M. had over ten thousand dollars in medical bills, and after giving K.M. the run-around for almost two years, the other driver's insurance offered him three thousand dollars to settle his claim a week before the statute of limitations was set to expire. After K.M. hired Leo Kishinevsky to represent him, the insurance company eventually increased their pretrial offer to twenty one thousand dollars as its "top and final" offer. On the advice of Mr. Kishinevsky, K.M. rejected the offer and opted to go to trial. After a 2-day trial, a Montgomery County jury returned with a verdict for K.M. in excess of 115 thousand dollars. After the payment of attorney fees, medical expenses, and case costs, K.M. received over forty nine thousand dollars in his pocket.

Confidential Settlement Reached in Wreck With Eighteen-Wheeler

Attorney Leo Kishinevsky secured a confidential settlement on behalf of a client injured in a wreck with an eighteen-wheeler. The investigating officer cited the truck driver for making an illegal turn and causing the collision, but the company that owned the truck and its insurance company still refused to accept responsibility for causing the crash, making it necessary to file a lawsuit. In the course of the lawsuit, Mr. Kishinevsky uncovered evidence that the company had committed numerous violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and the driver also had a history of prior violations for which he had been cited. After more than two years of hard work fighting for his client, Mr. Kishinevsky was able to achieve a successful resolution that compensates the client for her injuries and damages.

Confidential Settlement Reached in Wreck With Garbage Truck

Mr. Kishinevsky represented a client who was riding as a passenger in a car that was hit from behind by a garbage truck and suffered significant resulting injuries, including cervical and lumbar disc herniations and a tear of her left shoulder tendon. Mr. Kishinevsky was able to succesfully reach a settlement on behalf of his client for a confidential amount.

Second Largest 2014 Jury Verdict for Workplace Safety in Texas (per Verdict Search Magazine) Obtained for Client Injured in Workplace Ladder Fall
2012-06117 Jose Segovia v. Santos San Juan, in the Harris County 80th District Court

Leo Kishinevsky represented a client who fell approximately 20-30 feet from a ladder at work as a result of his employer's negligence and failure to take appropriate safety measures. The client sustained severe injuries including broken ribs, a broken jaw, lacerations of the liver and stomach lining, spinal disk herniations, and a partial fracture of his left wrist that required internal fixation. Following the fall, the client was hospitalized for approximately a week and received additional medical care after release from the hospital. As a result of the injuries, the client's ability to work and live his life were significantly affected. The client's employer did not make a settlement offer and denied responsibility for the injuries, claiming that the client was an independent contractor who had taken it upon himself to climb the ladder rather than being ordered to do so by the employer. Mr. Kishinevsky represented the client as the lead attorney at trial and obtained a favorable verdict for his client which was listed by Verdict Search magazine as the second largest Workplace Safety jury verdict in Texas in 2014. The verdict is currently being appealed by the defendant and remains in collections.

Court of Appeals Reinstates Claim of Client Rear-Ended and Injured by Undercover Police Officer 14-13-00384-CV Melina Ortiz-Guevara v. City of Houston, in the Fourteenth Court of Appeals

Leo Kishinevsky represented a client who was rear-ended at a red light by an undercover police officer working for the City of Houston. The client testified that she had alerted both the officer who crashed into her and the officer investigating the collision that she may be injured, while both officers disputed her testimony. The City of Houston moved to dismiss the case, arguing that the client failed to provide adequate notice of her injuries to the City as required under Texas law. After the trial court dismissed the case based on the City's argument, Mr. Kishinevsky successfully appealed the trial court's dismissal of the case. The appellate court found that the client did provide the notice required by Texas law and overturned the trial court's order dismissing the case. A confidential agreement resolving the case was eventually reached.

Client Injured in High-Impact Auto Collision Receives $45,555.35 in Settlement Client Name and Case Details Confidential

Leo Kishinevsky represented a client whose automobile was hit from behind by another driver at a high rate of speed. The client experienced severe back pain and received physical therapy treatments for her pain. When her pain persisted, further diagnostic testing revealed a large herniation in the client's spine that would likely require surgery. Throughout the case, the other driver denied liability, claiming that the client had switched lanes and suddenly cut him off. The other driver's insurance company made several extremely low offers of settlement then eventually settled the case for their policy limits, allowing the client to walk away with $45,555.35 in her pocket after attorney fees, case expenses, and medical bills were fully paid.

Client Injured in Unsafe Workplace Slip-and-Fall Receives $20,588.14 in Settlement Client Name and Case Details Confidential

Leo Kishinevsky represented a client who slipped and fell at work due to her employer’s failure to properly clean and monitor the area where she fell. As a result of the fall, the client sustained joint effusion, bursitis, and tendonitis injuries to her shoulder that required physical therapy and shoulder injections, impeding her ability to perform her job and live her life. The client's employer did not have worker's compensation coverage at the time of the injury, and as a result of the incident, the client had to stop working for her former employer and obtained a different job. After a lawsuit was filed, Mr. Kishinevsky was able to eventually reach a settlement that allowed the client to walk away with $20,588.14 in her pocket after her attorney fees, case expenses, and medical bills were fully paid.

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Client Reviews
Great lawyer! After I was injured in a car accident I didn't know what to do. Luckily a friend recommended that I give Leo a call. He helped me through the entire process, got my medical bills paid and got a settlement I am happy with. If you need an injury lawyer I highly recommend you give him a call. L.W.